Will the ashes in a stove in Romania prove to be the remains of the seven paintings stolen from the Triton Foundation exhibit at the Kunsthal Rotterdam?

Photograph of the image of the Matisse
painting from the Triton Foundation
 stolen from the Kunsthal Rotterdam
 on October 16, 2012.
by Catherine Schofield Sezgin, ARCA blog Editor 

The prosecutor's office in Romania suspects the seven Triton Foundation paintings stolen from the Kunsthal Rotterdam last October 16 may have been destroyed, Agency France-Presse reported May 29. Art Hostage blogger blames this rumor on the failure to offer a reward for the return of this and other stolen art. Two years ago, reports surfaced that the paintings stolen from the Museé d'Art Moderne de la ville de Paris had been thrown in the trash.

According to AFP, investigators are examining ashes taken from the home of the mother of one of the suspects Kunsthal Rotterdam thieves to determine if they include remains of the stolen paintings, including works by Picasso, Monet and Matisse. Seven Romanians have reportedly been charged with the theft. Destruction of the paintings would eliminate evidence in the even the stolen works could not be sold or ransomed back to the art gallery in The Netherlands.

The Dutch website NU.NL quotes the lawyer for one of the suspects as denying that the ashes are any proof that the paintings were destroyed.

Here is a link to previous posts on the ARCA blog covering the Kunsthal Rotterdam theft, including information about the stolen paintings.

On the blog Art Hostage, Paul "Turbo" Hendry, a self-described former stolen art trafficker, blames destruction of stolen paintings on the lack of financial incentives to recovering or returning stolen art.
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This After Earth Weekend, May 30th-Jun 2nd.

The monsoons seem to be getting fairly regular now...Light fare this weekend...


The Pangea Project: Baptizer - A former mental patient turned militant survivalist, Baptizer has experimented with sound in artistic isolation for two decades. Now his work begins to see the light of day with a premier label release. "Signs ov Apocalypse" is Baptizer's contemplation of the imminent social and political turmoil that will result from this era of globalization and Empire. Drawing from a multitude of sound sources such as the words of David Koresh, sounds of the 9/11 aftermath, and readings from Revelations, Baptizer blends eclectic sound experimentation with harsh noise, delving into shades of power electronics along the way toward desolation.

Starts @ 8:00 PM. 2621 Fairfield Ave S. Saint Petersburg. Thursday March 30th.


DJ Redtape, Mike Rozak @ Cycle Lounge - Thursday, May 30th. 2315 Central Ave. Starts @ 10 PM. Thirsty Thursday.


 Alexander and the Grape Machine @ Venture Compound -

PRETTY & NICE (Boston, MA)



JENSEN SERF CO. (St. Petersburg, FL):

8:00pm, $6, All ages! Friday, May 31st.

 2621 Fairfield Ave S. Saint Petersburg.




Gettysburgh Diorama @ Nuance Galleries Tampa - A 15 ft diorama of war scenes. Talks with reenactors, etc. all at Nuance Galleries, 804 S Dale Mabry Tampa. 12:30-2:00 PM Tampa.

Master Quilters at Dunedin Fine Art Center - Joe Cunningham and Betty Busby will show and teach their quilts and techniques in a two day workshop. 

All at DFAC, 1143 Michigan Blvd. Dunedin

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Brandon Marshall @ Empouria

Empouria is a nice watering hole on third st in downtown St Petersburg. One of its large walls has become a satellite gallery for the Studio @ 620. This was its second exhibit, a one man show by Brandon Marshall.

Brandon is a young emerging artist whose work had been recently seen in Saint Paint's 420 group show where a rare figurative work in the form of a marijuana leaf was shown. All of the work in the Empouria show is abstract. Some of it uses upcycled materials, all of it is heavily textured and quite colorful.

Brandon Marshall, "Untitled" 

In the work at left, Brandon uses a substrate of bubble wrap, which he then breaks up with square and rectangular bits. The tensions generated in the spontaneous breaks in symmetry give this mixed media work its strength.

This mixed media piece is made largely of silicone caulking. Yes, caulking, which give it some three dimentionality, a rich texture and well-defined lines. Marshall told me that he is a self-made artist, with no art education background. The only influence he mentioned was Jackson Pollock. The caulking is an extremely durable material, literally able to withstand a hurricane. The artist's house was literally blown away during a storm, but he found the work in trees, under debris etc, and most of it survived (!).

Brandon Marshall

Opening night at Empouria

Congratulations to Brandon Marshall, Empouria and 620 for a good show.

Empouria is located at 29 3rd St. North, Sun-Fri opens at 4 PM.

--- Luis
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Getty Perspectives: James Cuno and Pico Iyer Discussed Travel and Museums above the fray

by Catherine Schofield Sezgin, ARCAblog Editor

Visitors taking the tram up the hill to the Getty Center now listen to a recording by James Cuno, President and CEO of the Getty Trust, welcoming them to visit the galleries and the gardens. Tuesday evening, Cuno, now into his third year at The Getty, joined writer Pico Iyer onstage to discuss travel and museums as part of the Getty Perspectives series.

Iyer, author of a book on his reflections on Graham Greene in The Man Within My Head, was introduced to the audience as someone who "defies classification", as a "resident of LAX", and an essayist on subjects including museums. Cuno, introduced as a man "who has a lot to say about museums" and author of Museums Matter, has spent two years at the Getty emphasizing "critical thinking and integrating digital initiatives".

Cuno spoke with Iyer about his book on Greene; Iyer blaming Greene's intense influence on himself to altitude sickness in La Paz, Bolivia, and a touch of cocoa tea. "I only trust those things you can't explain," Iyer said. In recommending Greene's "The Quiet American" as "still the book to read", describing Greene as the "patron saint of the foreigner alone drifting between uncertainties" and claimed that "travel gives you a privacy you can't get at home."

Travel, like museums, they discussed, can help people understand other parts of the world.

"Museums hold out the promise that museums can introduce people to the complexity of the world," Cuno said, "And open us to tolerance."

Cuno, author of the controversial Who Owns Antiquity?, spoke of the diversity of museum visitors, pointing out that 220 million people live in countries not their own, that a city such as Chicago has a large Greek community that can view objects from Greece in local museums.

"I am very skeptical of governments making claims on individual identities," Cuno said. "My view is that people don't come from governments. Art is not made for a nation. I am suspicious of governments staking claims on a legacy they wish to identify with for grandeur."

Pico noted that when the Taliban destroyed the Buddhas of Bamiyan that they destroyed what belongs to us all.

"We're responsible for what is within our jurisdiction," Cuno said. "The Taliban felt that these objects put their cultural identity at risk."

Pico Iyer described the Getty as the sanctuary next to the rush-hour freeway: "Taking us out of the fray and bringing us back to our better selves."
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Dan Brown's fictional Robert Langdon uses the "ARCA Web site" in "Inferno" to research the Horses of St. Mark's in Venice

The Horses of St. Mark's (The Triamphal Quadriga)
by Catherine Schofield Sezgin,
ARCA Blog Editor-in-Chief

In Chapter 17 of Dan Brown's Inferno published May 14 by Doubleday, (and reviewed by Janet Maslin in The New York Times), the fourth book featuring Robert Langdon, the fictional Harvard University professor of religious iconography and symbology, researches the Horses of St. Mark's: 

As it turned out, the powerful bodies of the early Friesian horses had inspired the robust aesthetic of the Horses of St. Mark’s in Venice. According to the Web site, the Horses of St. Mark’s were so beautiful that they had become “history’s most frequently stolen pieces of art.”

Langdon had always believed that this dubious honor belonged to the Ghent Altarpiece and paid a quick visit to the ARCA Web site to confirm his theory. The Association for Research into Crimes Against Art offered no definitive ranking, but they did offer a concise history of the sculptures’ troubled life as a target of pillage and plunder.

This appears to be a reference to the blog post(s) by Judge ArthurTompkins, an ARCA Lecturer, written in June of 2011: The Four Horses of the Basilica San Marco, Venice (Part I); More on the History (Part II); Continued Short History (Part III); and The Four Horses Rest Inside St. Mark's Basilica in Venice After Being Plundered from Constantinople in the 13th Century (Part IV). On the ARCA blog is another post about the "The Triamphal Quadriga" in Paris Diary: Replica of Stolen Art at Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel.

Then Brown is a bit more definitive about what academics would question:

The four copper horses had been cast in the fourth century by an unknown Greek sculptor on the island of Chios, where they remained until Theodosius II whisked them off to Constantinople for display at the Hippodrome. Then, using the Fourth Crusade, when Venetian forces sacked Constantinople, the ruling doge demanded the four precious statues be transported via ship all the way back to Venice, a nearly impossible feat because of their size and weight. The horses arrived in Venice in 1254, and were installed in front of the façade of St. Mark’s Cathedral.

More than half a millennium later, in 1797, Napoleon conquered Venice and took the horses for himself. They were transported to Paris and prominently displayed atop the Arc de Triomphe. Finally, in 1815, following Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo and his exile, the horses were winched down from the Arc de Triomphe and shipped on a barge back to Venice, where they were reinstalled on the front balcony of St. Mark’s Basilica.

Although Langdon had been fairly familiar with the history of the horses, the ARCA site contained a passage that startled him.

The decorative collars were added to the horses’ necks in 1204 by the Venetians to conceal where the heads had been severed to facilitated their transportation by ship from Constantinople to Venice.
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C. Emerson closes to do Art fairs only.

One of the top galleries on either side of the Bay has closed. Owner Lori Johns will be devoting her energies to the Art Fairs. C. Emerson was one of the longest-running privately owned galleries in St. Pete. It was known for edgy yet solidly grounded shows that brought out many of the top talents in the area and many from the outside. C. Emerson will be missed.

 However, Lori Johns will not. Of all the people in the arts that I have known in the Bay Area, Lori was/is the meanest and craziest of them all -- by far. She ladled out the venom freely whenever she had more than five minutes. People's private, innermost secrets, mistakes, etc. were unloaded.  Hateful, cynical, spiteful, delusional, demeaning, picking equally on people who thought they were her friends (myself included), artists (including many she had shown) and other gallery owners, no one caused more corrosion in the Saint Petersburg arts scene than Lori Johns. She can still be seen spreading poison and BS on Facebook on a regular basis.

Bye bye, C. Emerson.

--- Luis

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eve N odd's CANNED Art Show Coming June 8th!

(from Jennifer Kosharek...)

Jennifer Kosharek's eve-N-odd gallery is thrilled to bring the CANNED art show to St. Petersburg, FL! 
 There will be many local favorites, national, and even some international taking part in this OPEN call for CANNED art! 
Many graffiti artists putting their art on empty spray paint cans. It's a growing trend and people collect them.  The gallery has been getting a wide variety of styles and mediums for this show... it is going to be a eclectic collection of work--all done on a spray paint can. 
eve-N-odd continually has art shows that anyone can enter from the young to the old, the professional to the novice.  We aim to bring art to the masses with affordable pricing and variety. 
Our next group call, that is open to anyone is the call for FRANK ZAPPA mail art!  Entries are due August 1st.  With a show opening for the August art walk.  More information can be gathered for that show at or 
Please join us for the opening at the eve-N-odd gallery, 645 Central Ave.#11, St. Petersburg, FL 33701.  JUNE 8th, artwalk, from 8-10 pm. 

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Welcome to the Official Opening of 'The Enchanted Garden' 2013 - 'It is that Dream' - 'C'est le rêve'

Art Sanctuary’s ‘Enchanted Garden’

Opens its gates for the 3rd season on June 28th 2013


Theme ‘It is That Dream’ (‘C’est le rêve’)

This year’s exhibition invites the visitor on a poetic journey: An avenue of cherries and poems, secret rooms, babbling brooks, trees that talk, and ponds that whisper…

This large and natural garden, situated just near the ‘border’ between the French and the Flemish part of Belgium, hosts a most special International art exhibition; Art Inspired by, and in Dialogue With, Nature.

Twenty two artists from Belgium, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Italy, Netherlands, and Norway, are represented with works in glass, stone, metal, wood, and clay, land art, textiles, photos, sound installations and music, and of course, poetry.

To mention a few of the aspects of the exhibition:
The theme for 2013 ‘C’est le rêve’ / ’It is That Dream’- a poem by the much loved Norwegian poet Olav H. Hauge, already translated into a multitude of languages, – is manifested in ‘kakemonos’ (Drawings on large rollable textiles in Japan) with poems and images created by the French artist François Monnet, made possible by the Museum centre of Hordaland, and Hordaland County, Norway.

Danish composer Nicky Bendix’ created music especially for this exhibition. It adds a dimension truly enchanting, –experienced through sound installations in different parts of the exhibition. He has collaborated with both François Monnet (F) and Tone Aanderaa (B and N).

The main work of Tone Aanderaa (B and N) this year is the "Forest Temple" interior, with tapestries made in collaboration with ‘Flanders Tapestries’.

There is also a special focus on glass art in this year’s exhibition; four artists working with glass in all different styles and techniques are represented: Maria Bemelmans (NL), Jan Leenknegt (B), Anne Notebaert (B), and Veerle De Ridder (B).

Working with stone are Guy Deltour (B), Fabrice Bellery (B), and Luk Luts (B), with metal Romeo Sr. Vangoethemd (B), Giovanni Gelmi (B and I), and Norwegian Johild Mæland. Gisèle DeRop (B) works in ceramique, and Roland Menten (B) composite.

Laura Frennet (F and B) and Jean de la Kethulle (B) are both artists whose aim it is to open the eye and heart to the land and the landscape, symbolically and quite literally.

And finally, Walter Bailey, British sculptor, takes ‘centre stage’ this year, with his magnificent ‘Woman and Cosmos’ in the centre of the new Labyrinth.

‘The Enchanted Garden – C’est le rêve is open from Friday June 28th till Sunday August 4th, 2013


Info en Français
L'Art qui combine avec la nature, la poésie et la musique

 L'exposition de cette année invite le visiteur à un voyage poétique: une avenue de cerises et de poèmes, des lieux secrets, de petits ruisseaux chantants, des arbres qui parlent et des étangs qui murmurent ...

Ce grand jardin naturel, situé juste à côté de la ‘frontière’ entre la partie francophone et la partie flamande de la Belgique, accueille une exposition d'art international, inspirée par la nature et en dialogue avec elle.

Une vingtaine d’artistes de Belgique, de Danemark, de France, de Grande-Bretagne, des Pays-Bas et de Norvège, sont représentés par des œuvres en verre, en pierre, en métal, en bois, en argile, on y côtoie le «land art», les textiles, les photos, des installations sonores, de la musique, et bien sûr, de la poésie.


Info in het Nederlands
Kunst gecombineerd met natuur, poesie en muziek

 De tentoonstelling nodigt de bezoeker uit om een poëtische reis te ondernemen: Een laan met kersenbomen en gedichten, geheime kamers, kabbelende beken, sprekende bomen, fluisterende vijvers, …

Deze grote en natuurlijke tuin, op de grens van Vlaanderen en Wallonië, huisvest een speciale internationale kunsttentoonstelling; Kunst geïnspireerd en in dialoog met de Natuur.

Tweeëntwintig kunstenaars uit België, Denemarken, Frankrijk, Groot-Bretagne, Italië, Nederland en Noorwegen tonen hun kunstwerken in glas, steen, metaal, hout en keramiek. Ze tonen ook ‘land art’, textiel, foto’s, muziek installaties en natuurlijk ook poëzie.


Michel Vranckx
'The Eye of Chicara' - Jean de la Kethulle
'Near and Far' -  Maria Bemelmans
'Nests' - Tinou Wiard
'Mandala' - Laura Frennet
'Inspired' - Veerle De Ridder
'Meeting place' - Tone Aanderaa
Gisèle DeRop
'Fleur d'escargot' (in the distance) Roland Menten
Michel Vranckx
'Woman and Cosmos' - Walter Bailey
'Web of Thoughts' - Tone Aanderaa
We thank our sponsors:

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Francois Monnet; 'C'est le rêve' - !

'Et parfois il semblait que quelque chose que nous n'avions jamais vu mais longtemps désiré allait arriver, qu'un voile allait se déchirer...' (Hermann Hesse)

Art Sanctuary is very proud to announce the arrival of French artist Francois Monnet, with a most special collection of 'kakemonos'; a large series of textiles inspired by Norwegian poet Olav H. Hauge
- the creator of the Theme Poem for this 'Enchanted Garden' exhibition - 2013
'Det er den draumen' - 'It is That Dream' - 'C'est le rêve'
Francois Monnet is a most multifaceted artist,
primarily working in photography and theatre/performance.
Having spent many years in Norway, Francois Monnet has translated and published,
as well as performed with, many of Olav H. Hauge's poems,
including the Centennial theatre performance honoring Olav H. Hauge (2008).
Francois Monnet's 'kakemonos' series is
a Norwegian /French collaboration
between Museum of Normandie and Museumssenteret i Hordaland
- Released for exhibition
in 'The Enchanted Garden' of Art Sanctuary, 2013
Sponsored by

The Enchanted Garden includes also a whole new Art Sanctuary collaboration;
between Francois Monnet (recitals of poems) and Nicky Bendix (music)
A little example:
 - and another:

SOUS L'À-PIC’ – collaboration Francois Monnet & Nicky Bendix
Poésie et musique:  

Also, please visit Francois Monnet's website

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Seen: Open House @ Susan Gott Glass

From an open house at Susan Gott Glass in Seminole Heights...

The studio is the building on the left, the artist's house is on the right.

Susan Gott showing a boy the ways of blown glass...

The tropical-feeling showrooms are surrounded by plants and a garden. Lots of beautifully crafted glassworks on display. The mimosas kept me busy...

--- Luis
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Speakers list released for ARCA's 5th Annual Art & Heritage Conference in Amelia June 21-23, 2013

View of the hilltop town of Amelia in Umbria
(Photo by C. Sezgin)
The Association for Research into Crimes against Art (ARCA) has released the speaker list for it's 5th Annual Art & Heritage Conference in Amelia from June 21 to 23.

Speakers anticipated:

Toby bull, Senior Inspector, Hong Kong Police Force, "Property of a Hong Kong Gentleman, Art Crime in Hong Kong - Buyer Beware";

Ruth Godthelp, PhD Candidate Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam, Senior Police officer art related crime, Amsterdam Police, "The nature of crimes against Arts, Antiques and Cultural Heritage: A description of art-related crime in the Netherlands";

Saskia Hufnagel, Research Fellow, ARC Centre of Excellence in Policing and Security, "Shifting Responsibilities: The Intersection of Public and Private Policing in the Area of Art Crime";

James Moore, retired trial lawyer and student of Caravaggio, "The Outrageous Theft of Caravaggio's Masterpiece The Nativity with Saint Francis and Saint Lawrence";

James Bond, ARCA Alumnus, Certificate 2011, "The Theft of Rare Books from the largest Home in the United States";

Chris Dobson, Former Master Armourer to the Royal Armouries at the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds, "Claiming Fake 'Fakes' in the Trade in Arms and Armour";

Stefano Alessandrini and Derek Fincham will lead a discussion on the Fano Athlete/Getty Bronze;

Joris Kila, Senior Researcher at the University of Amsterdam, ARCA award winner 2012, "An update on Armed Conflict and Heritage";

Nicholas M. O'Donnell, Partner with Sullivan & Worcester LLP, "American Wartime Art Restitution Litigation in the 1990s and Beyond-- Has it All Been Worth it?"

Jerker Rydén, Senior Legal Advisor Royal Library of Sweden, "Skullduggering in the Stacks: Recovering stolen books for the Royal Library of Sweden";

Judith Harris, author and free-lance journalist, regular contributor to the New York monthly ARTnews, "The Role of Collectors";

Felicity Strong, PhD Candidate, University of Melbourne, "The mythology of the art forger";

Joshua Nelson, MA Candidate in Art & Visual Culture, University of Guelph, "Framing the Picture: The Canadian Print Media's Construction of an Atypical Crime and its Victims";

Theodosia latsi, MA in Global Criminology, Utrecht University, "The Art of Stealing: The Case of Museum Thefts in the Netherlands";

Verity Algar, Art History Student, University College London, "Cultural memory and the restitution of cultural property: Comparing Nazi-looted art and Melanesian malanggan";

Giulia Mezzi, PhD Candidate University of Reading, "The origins of Cultural Heritage Protection in Italy, a historical survey"

Carrie Johnson, JD Candidate South Texas College of Law, "Cultural Property in Crisis: Whose Burden is it?"

Alesia Koush, Foundation Romualdo Del Bianco-Life Beyond Tourism in Florence, MA Candidate at the University of Cologna under Prof. Luciana Carrino, "The Right to Culture"; and

Cynthia Roholt, JD Candidate South Texas College of Law, "Human Remains: Permission and Plastination".

The conference will open with cocktails at Palazzo Farrattini on Friday evening, June 21. The speakers will present at Chiosto Boccarini on Saturday and Sunday. Imbedded in the conference will be tthe ARCA Award Presentations: Art Policing and Recovery Award to Sharon Cohen Levin, Chief of the Asset Forfeiture Unit in the United States Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York; Art Protection and Security Award to Christos Tsirogiannis, Archaeologist, Illicit antiquities researcher, University of Cambridge, former member of the Hellenic Ministry of Justice; Eleanor and Anthony Vallombroso Award for Art Crime Scholarship to Duncan Chappell, Professor in the Faculty of Law at the University of Sydney, Australia; and the Lifetime Achievement in Defense of Art to Bianco Nino Norton, Consultant Petén Development Project for the conservation of the Maya Biosphere Reserve, Ministry of Environment of Natural Resources/BID, Delegation of World Heritage Guatemala, Treasurer ICOMOS Guatemala, Presently serving as a Council Member for ICCROM.

The 5th Annual Art & Heritage Conference will have a dinner Saturday night at Locanda.

You may find times for the panels at this link here.
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Guest Blog: Yellowjacket Press Party 2013

YellowJacket Press held their fourth annual 'Poetry Month After Party' in St. Petersburg this year.
     On a beautiful Friday evening, 7 pm, May 17, 2013, over 50 people gathered on the brick surface of the Snell-Williams Courtyard on Second St. South, just north of Sixth Ave South.
     The 'After Party' also honored Meryl Statford, author of 'The Magician's Daughter' which won the 2013 YellowJacket Press poetry contest.
     Gianna Russo (who runs YellowJacket Press) and Thomas Hallock of USF St. Petersburg, gave welcoming remarks and were followed by poetry from Michael Bates, Melanie Hubbard, Therese Tappouni, Gloria Munoz, and Peter Meinke. Meryl Statford ended the evening by reading her contest-winning poetry.
     The suggested donation of five dollars went to benefit the 501-C3 YellowJacket Press (
      Jeanne Meinke, a line artist whose art has appeared in national publications provided  line art of the Victorian-style Snell House for the printed program.
     Therese Tappouni appeared earlier in the day for a radio interview on Jo Ellen Schilke's 'Art In Your Ear' show on WMNF, 88.5 FM, Tampa (
      Pre-event music was performed by the trio of 'Inkhorn".
--- Malcom Johnson
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6 Secrets to Business Success (Plus 1!) By Andrea Novakowski

Have you noticed that no one talks much about perfectionism anymore?

My business coaching clients used to tell me their compulsion to do everything perfectly was getting in the way of their success. But these days, with the fast pace of life, the constant stream of information, and the increased workload on everyone?s desks, our struggle for perfectionism seems to have largely disappeared. It?s not that people are feeling guilty or making excuses about not being perfect. It?s just gone from the conversation.

As Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg famously puts it: "Done is better than perfect."

So if we?re no longer chasing perfection, what should we strive for in its place? Here are six alternative ideals to which my clients are now turning their attention. You can, too.

Persistence. Successful people don?t get that way overnight. Instead, they create a plan and continually chip away at it. They break their goals into annual, monthly, weekly, and daily actions. Even if each day?s activities aren?t completed, these folks get back in the saddle the next day, ready to keep moving forward.What do you do to maintain your persistence?

Pacing. Sam, a hard-charging manager at a small company in New Hampshire, planned on retiring in five years. But when he met with a financial planner, he found out he was going to have to work eight more years in order to meet his goals. Sam realized there was no way he?d last eight years at his breakneck pace. Now we?re discussing how he can adjust his work habits so he can continue at his job enjoyably and healthfully. Do a double-check: does your pace match your goals?

Possibility. We?re all creatures of habit. We eat the same breakfast, take the same route to work, do the same things day in and day out. Today, make a point of trying something new and different. What gets your energy up? What has you thinking new thoughts? Coffee? Brain teasers? Collaboration with your colleagues? Where in your life are you taking time to think about what?s possible?

Play. Successful people take breaks during their day. Even if it?s only for a stretch or a short walk, they stop working for a few minutes and move their bodies. Increased circulation in your body means better blood flow to your brain, which produces clearer thinking. If you tend to sit glued to your desk for hours at a time, think about how you can build play into your day.

Power. We?re all naturally more skilled at certain activities than others. Are you a born communicator? A numbers whiz? As much as possible, do the type of work that plays to your strengths. While no one can (or should) elect to do only what comes easily, you?ll achieve more and go farther if you pursue the things you?re good at.

Positivity. You know the old saying: you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. People are attracted to people who are positive. Put a mirror on your desk so that when you pick up the phone, you?re reminded to smile. It sounds corny, but that attitude really does translate over the phone.

Need one more goal to replace perfectionism? How about pleasure? Think about what part of your job you really enjoy, and try to spend more time doing it. When your work aligns with your interests and values, it makes you feel good. And there?s no better definition of success than truly loving what you do.

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This Hangover III Weekend, May 23rd - 25th

Day by day, it is getting hotter. Thunderheads build up during the day around the horizon. Monsoon rains will soon be with us. Mosquitoes already are. The local storms seem to be quieting.


Please join us for the Opening Reception of the 2013 Artlink Transition Exhibition at the Mahaffey Theater on Thursday, May 23, from 5:30 pm until 7:00 pm. Five Artlink teams will exhibit the artwork they have produced during this five-month long collaborative project. Each team consists of a local professional artist and a Creative Clay Transition program artist apprentice. The following teams will present their work:

Asani N. & Vivian Bowman
Cassandra H. & Judith Salmon
Michael R. & Julie Price
Kayla F. & Zach Thompson
Ryan W. & Rose Marie Prins

This event is free and open to the public. Light refreshments will be served and a cash bar will be available.

Sponsored by:
The Darden Foundation, The Able Trust, Bank of America, The Mahaffey Theater, Class Acts & The Bill Edwards Foundation for the Arts. 

 Focus is on storytelling, fiction, and other longer forms of writing. No poetry! Come read your finest prose or simply enjoy the work of talented local wordsmiths.

Doors at 7 p.m. Event starts at 8 p.m. Thursday, May 23rd.

Featured readers and storytellers:

Jeff Strand, author (

Beth Adele Long, author/actress  


Wearable Art Show and Sale @ Madeira Beach - Start with an inner tube and a few yards of cloth... and end up with clothing, masks, jewelry, etc. Saturday, May 25th at Madeira Beach, at Madeira Way and 150th ave. Saturday hrs - 2-7 PM, Sunday 10 AM - 5 PM Sunday. Free admission.


Last year as part of The Studio@620's birthday celebration, Studio members were invited to participate in the first annual Members Only Art Show. Artistic Director Bob Devin Jones selected three artists from those who exhibited in that event. Those three artists, Laura Monk, Cassidy Routh, and Jeff Wilcox, were invited to comprise the first Director's Choice group exhibition. This group show will be on display May 23-30, 2013 with an opening reception on Friday May 24th from 6-9 PM. Admission is free and open to the public. Artwork will be on display during gallery hours, Tuesday-Saturday from 12-4 PM.


SUNDAY, MAY 26 1-4

Your $10 Tour Guide is also your schedule, so pick one up at:
Domain (3129 Beach Blvd S)
Beach Bazaar (3115 Beach Blvd S)
Gulfport Area Chamber of Commerce (4926 22nd Ave S)
T & Me (Art Village Courtyard)

On the days of the Tour, you can also buy them at:
The Longhouse (2309 49th Street S)
City of Imagination (2726 54th Street S)

There are 19 venues and many more artists

Jennifer Kosharek will be live painting a Van!



Circus! The Photographs of Fredrick W. Glasier - Circus pictures at the Tampa Bay History Center, 801 Old Water St. Tampa. $12.95 admission. Open through August 4.


The 5.25 Show @ Cafe Hey - Five artists. 25 pieces of art each at $25. At cafe Hey, 1540N. Franklin St. Tampa Free admission. Saturday, May 24th, @ 7:00 PM.

Crafty Fest @ Artpool - Saturday and Sunday May 25th-26th. At 2030 Central Ave St. Pete.
Art, Crafts, Handmade, Locally Designed, Vintage Clothing, & Antiques Market
Shop local and buy handmade and support Tampa Bay artists at ARTpool.

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The Mindy Solomon Gallery is proud to present the work of British ceramic phenomenon Gareth Mason May 25-June 29, with an Opening Night Reception Saturday, May 25th from 6-9pm and Artist's Talk at 6:30pm. Bringing his wildly inventive sculptural forms to MSG, this is Mason's first solo exhibition in the Southeast United States. Combining material elements of a seemingly incongruent nature, Mason creates three-dimensional masterworks with a nod to Abstract Expressionism.

Mindy Solomon Gallery is located at 124 2nd Ave. NE, St. Petersburg, FL 33701. The gallery is open Wednesday-Saturday from 11am-5pm. For more information, please contact the gallery at or 727-502-0852.

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Welcoming Walter Bailey - reverence, gratitude, the miraculous

Walter Bailey (United Kingdom)

reverence, gratitude, the miraculous

'Woman and Cosmos'

(Click on image to enlarge)

When I first encountered Walter Bailey's sculptures, I was nothing less than astonished;

This was ancient... giants...gods and goddesses were playing...
The complexity of the 'lacing' of the wood was one (incredible) aspect - but then also, the way the grain of the wood appeared... as I have only seen it in the ancient, 'burned by time', almost fossilized, wood structures - more than a thousand years old - (wooden) 'stave churches' of my homeland, Norway. And then, of course - I realized - Walter Bailey, in England; he is a 'Celtic spirit'. (There certainly is a relationship between these old, old wooden structures and Walter Bailey's)
Since then, I have learned that some amazing writers have written some beautiful things about Walter's work;
The poetry and authenticity in Bailey’s work might in part be described in Robert Lowell’s definition of true poetry: a ‘commanding, deadly effectiveness in the arrangement, and something that breathes and pauses and grunts and is rough and unpredictable to assure me the journey is honest.’[1] The making of the works requires immense strength, skill and judgement; they represent Bailey’s humility towards the human scale in relation to the mythic; and also his awareness of the continuous transformational or ‘alchemical exchange’between the human and the non-human. It is this sense of balance, also in the work’s relationship to present and past, and in the artist’s commitment to being open-hearted in the face of vulnerability, that gives Bailey’s sculpture its strength, and which gives the viewer an experience of liberation.’ (© Kay Syrad)
Walter Bailey is based in Mid Sussex, UK, and works both nationally and internationally. He works in wood and ice, carving directly with a chainsaw.
“The woodland is my studio; I work there throughout the year drawing nourishment and inspiration from the rhythm of the seasons, the changing landscape".
He has received numerous public and private commissions: Just to mention a few: A Flame for Dunblane; Holy Florian in Styria in Austria; Oak Figure in Broadwater Park, Godalming, and Surrey.
His exhibiting in Kew Gardens and the Chelsea Show should also be mentioned.
And, he shows his work regularly at the Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden.
Walter Bailey won the International Enku Award for Universal Truth, beauty and goodness in Sculpture, in Japan.
“One of the remarkable features of Bailey’s work is its ability to hold or contain transformatory human experience. A number of works are concerned with journeying over different stages in one’s life, from trauma towards healing.” (© Kay Syrad)
To read more of Kay Syrad’s beautiful presentation of Walter Bailey’s art:

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